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Gamer Cat Lanyard

Gamer Cat Lanyard

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This cute and retro gamer cat lanyard is a fun way to show your cat lover spirit while also paying homage to one of the first pets most 90s kids owned before moving up to real cats. You don't need to worry about feeding or cleaning up after these kitties, though! They'll be a happy little addition to keep your keys and IDs safe. No batteries required. ;)

This design was designed by the artist, please do not copy or use without permission.

Craving more Catagotchis? The Catagotchi Keychains pair perfectly with this lanyard. Complete the set in the Charms & Keychains section! Also: Check out their matching stickers!

❀ Size: 2cm x 90cm
❀ Material: Nylon with a silver rivet and lobster clasp
❀ Features: 10 various Catagotchi designs on a cute background
❀ Use it to add some kitty flair to your keys, keychains, and ID cards
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