Our Commitment to Cats in Need:

Giving Back to the Feline Community

At KatnipShop,

we believe in making a difference in the lives of cats beyond providing our customers with adorable and unique cat-themed products.

We are proud to give back to the feline community by supporting local cat shelters and organizations dedicated to their welfare.

With each purchase you make, you're not only getting high-quality merchandise, but also contributing to a greater cause!

At the end of each month, a portion of our proceeds is set aside to support the care, shelter, and well-being of cats in need. We firmly believe that every cat deserves a safe and loving home, and through our donations to local cat shelters, we are actively working towards making that a reality.

Thank you for supporting KatnipShop and being a part of our journey to give back to the feline community. With your help, we can provide love, care, and hope to cats!

  • UFAR Animals Rescue

    This organization is focused on providing immediate relief for abandoned, neglected, and stray cats/dogs by way of proper nutrition, roof, bed and vet care.

    Learn more HERE 
  • Humane Society

    An established non-profit organization that has been dedicated to the welfare, and saving the lives, of many animals in need of loving homes.

    Learn more HERE